Tour One: “Finding the Lord”

  1. Huaca Rajada – Sipan.
  2. Museo Tumbas Reales de Sipan – Lambayeque city.

Tour Two: “Finding Ñaymlap”

  1. Museo Nacional de Sican – Ferreñafe.
  2. Dry Pomac Forest. Pyramids of Sican – Batangrande.
  3. Museo Chotuna Chornancap – Lambayeque city.

Tour Three: “Old Chiclayo”

  1. Mercado Modelo. Wizard’s market – Chiclayo.
  2. Ruins of the Church of Saint Agustin – Zaña.
  3. Beaches: Santa Rosa and Pimentel – Pimentel.

You can have your own tour arranged. Check out the thumb Nature  to see what else there is to see in Chiclayo. Chiclayo ChiclayoChiclayoChiclayoChiclayoChiclayoChiclayoChiclayoChiclayoChiclayoChiclayoChiclayoChiclayo

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