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Another Sican Man found in Pomac Forest

During the last part of the excavation (mentioned in previous entry) and when Izumi Shimada was just about to order the refilling of the 3 tombs unearthed at the side of Huaca Loro Temple, the shine of metals lighted up  the faces of the investigators who work at the cultural heart of the Historical Sanctuary of Pomac Forest.

The appearance of a copper crown, gold and silver, marked the beginning of a series of surprises for scientists who have spent 5 months of hard work at the place. Only 10 centimeter more of excavation were enough for one of the icons that identify Lambayeque Culture to appear. It was a 25 centimeter Sican wing-shaped eyes mask also made with tumbaga alloy.

It was not something isolated but a series of ornaments perfectly organized. All of them belonged to a high-hierarchy Sican man who was burried in a tomb  together with 2 collaborators. When the team continued with the unearthing, archaeologists realized the finding resembled a big  funeral bundle moreover compound by 2 big gloves that look like a person with streched out arms.

A beautiful piece of pottery in the personage’s right glove captured the interest of Dr Shimada, codirector of the Archeological Proyect of Sican (PAS) who came to the conclusion that the rests found belong to a member of Sican nobility bound to Tallan Culture (Piura).

When Shimada thought there were no more objects to be unearthed there were found a multicolored chaquira-beads chest protector and a rattle-like gold ceremonial cup on which there can be seen in high relief the image of Sican Deity holding a cepter in each hand. Together with this ornaments there were found a precious stone necklace and a 20 centimeters long tumi or ceremonial knife.

In these days, when investigation work is about to finish Shimada feels very happy with results because he considers the finding of this personage, whose mask had been placed looking to the north, could mean that Sican or Lambayeque culture had a conection with further  ethnic groups.

“This man was probably the leader of a group integrated into Sican society. It could have been a honor for him to be buried in the capital of Lambayeque kingdom”, revealed

According to preliminary investigations, the man discovered in the main square of Huaca Loro Temple could be one thousand years old and would correspond to the Middle Sican stage. We must all know that all personages found until this point (even the Lord of Sican) in Pomac forest, were all found looking at west.

Shimada thinks the elite personage just found could have existed half a century (2 or 3 generations ) before the Lord of Sican.

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