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Sican Noble Man is found in Huaca Loro – Pomac Forest

A Sican Noble  man has been found in the dried Pomac Forest, located 35 Km  to the north east  of Chiclayo in the Department of Lambayeque. This personage has among his belongings a special head-dress, gilded cups, chess protector, and other ornaments and offerings in the south sector of this important archeological complex built between 900 and 1100 AC, period of time know as Middle Sican and known also as the epoch of height of such a rich old Peruvian culture when millioms of mud brick where put together to raise up docens of truncated pyramids.

The discovery was announceed by Japanesse Archeologist Director of the Project  Dr. Izumi Shimada, as well as by Dr. Carlos Elera Arévalo, Archeologist Director of the Museum of Sican (Ferreñafe) and by the Director of the Unidad Ejecutora Naymlap 111 (Naymlap Executer Unit 111) Lic. Celso Sialer Távara.

Shimada informed it is the only untouched tomb found from a total of three excavated this spell (since June until Nov.) in Huaca Loro Temple. “Japanesse  TV Company  “Tokio Broadcasting System” supports this process and we hope the help can continue.

Dr. Carlos Elera pointed out that the other 2 well-like tombs were partially defiled by huaqueros (grave robber) who used heavy machinery to dig 5 meters deep by 3 meters long trenches. He specified there was found a young individual inside one of these 2 tombs. Among his belongins there were found a gilded copper funeral mask accompanied by 2 more  young men. He added there was found a big number of pottery. Investigations proves that Middle Sican society had a very complex social organization and wide means and freedom to show roles and status dead people had during their lifes and the feelings living people had for them too.


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