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New Moche tomb is found in Huaca Rajada, Sipan

A team of archeologists discovered a tomb of a moche noble at the archeological complex of Huaca Rajada, probably a personage from the moche royal class as he presents similar characteristics to those found with Moche King “The Lord of Sipan”, the woman Priest and the man Priest.

This moche man used to be 1.65 m tall, was 30 y.o., was enveloped in a textil, spolied by humidity and time, east-oriented skull, from which the sun raises up, and west-oriented feet and was buried with fine ceramic whose tomb might have been dug around 2 thousand years ago.

As offering, there is an perfectly finished owl vesel, which highlights that at their begining, Sipan already had amzing artist quality of ceramic and metal objects. We should remember that owls represent the bird of wisdom in old cultures.

Researches are in the first layers of excavation at the funeral platform, the deepest and oldest in Huaca Rajada, where there can be seen also, gilded cooper objects. Although there is a lot to be excavated in a duty that could take up to 3 to 4 more months, problably getting to, maybe, uncover gold.

“Due to the depth of the site (11.5 m underground), ventilation and lights are being used to heat up humidity”, “Ground movements must be milimetricly calculated otherwise, we can lose evidence like rests of feathers that there could be. There are also, a porra, beads part of a bracelet and round his neck”, Director of the Sipan Archeoogical Project Luis Chero, mentioned.

He also emphasized, that due to historical richness that exists in Huaca Rajada, “there is investigation job for eight generations of archeologists”

“What we have done with Dr Walter Alva has just been to preserve archeological patrimony of Huaca Rajada for next generations, we keep reconstructing history, cultural identity of Lambayequian people” he stated.

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Another Sican Man found in Pomac Forest

During the last part of the excavation (mentioned in previous entry) and when Izumi Shimada was just about to order the refilling of the 3 tombs unearthed at the side of Huaca Loro Temple, the shine of metals lighted up  the faces of the investigators who work at the cultural heart of the Historical Sanctuary of Pomac Forest.

The appearance of a copper crown, gold and silver, marked the beginning of a series of surprises for scientists who have spent 5 months of hard work at the place. Only 10 centimeter more of excavation were enough for one of the icons that identify Lambayeque Culture to appear. It was a 25 centimeter Sican wing-shaped eyes mask also made with tumbaga alloy.

It was not something isolated but a series of ornaments perfectly organized. All of them belonged to a high-hierarchy Sican man who was burried in a tomb  together with 2 collaborators. When the team continued with the unearthing, archaeologists realized the finding resembled a big  funeral bundle moreover compound by 2 big gloves that look like a person with streched out arms.

A beautiful piece of pottery in the personage’s right glove captured the interest of Dr Shimada, codirector of the Archeological Proyect of Sican (PAS) who came to the conclusion that the rests found belong to a member of Sican nobility bound to Tallan Culture (Piura).

When Shimada thought there were no more objects to be unearthed there were found a multicolored chaquira-beads chest protector and a rattle-like gold ceremonial cup on which there can be seen in high relief the image of Sican Deity holding a cepter in each hand. Together with this ornaments there were found a precious stone necklace and a 20 centimeters long tumi or ceremonial knife.

In these days, when investigation work is about to finish Shimada feels very happy with results because he considers the finding of this personage, whose mask had been placed looking to the north, could mean that Sican or Lambayeque culture had a conection with further  ethnic groups.

“This man was probably the leader of a group integrated into Sican society. It could have been a honor for him to be buried in the capital of Lambayeque kingdom”, revealed

According to preliminary investigations, the man discovered in the main square of Huaca Loro Temple could be one thousand years old and would correspond to the Middle Sican stage. We must all know that all personages found until this point (even the Lord of Sican) in Pomac forest, were all found looking at west.

Shimada thinks the elite personage just found could have existed half a century (2 or 3 generations ) before the Lord of Sican.

In next post: The finding of a Wari city in Chiclayo!!!…

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Sican Noble Man is found in Huaca Loro – Pomac Forest

A Sican Noble  man has been found in the dried Pomac Forest, located 35 Km  to the north east  of Chiclayo in the Department of Lambayeque. This personage has among his belongings a special head-dress, gilded cups, chess protector, and other ornaments and offerings in the south sector of this important archeological complex built between 900 and 1100 AC, period of time know as Middle Sican and known also as the epoch of height of such a rich old Peruvian culture when millioms of mud brick where put together to raise up docens of truncated pyramids.

The discovery was announceed by Japanesse Archeologist Director of the Project  Dr. Izumi Shimada, as well as by Dr. Carlos Elera Arévalo, Archeologist Director of the Museum of Sican (Ferreñafe) and by the Director of the Unidad Ejecutora Naymlap 111 (Naymlap Executer Unit 111) Lic. Celso Sialer Távara.

Shimada informed it is the only untouched tomb found from a total of three excavated this spell (since June until Nov.) in Huaca Loro Temple. “Japanesse  TV Company  “Tokio Broadcasting System” supports this process and we hope the help can continue.

Dr. Carlos Elera pointed out that the other 2 well-like tombs were partially defiled by huaqueros (grave robber) who used heavy machinery to dig 5 meters deep by 3 meters long trenches. He specified there was found a young individual inside one of these 2 tombs. Among his belongins there were found a gilded copper funeral mask accompanied by 2 more  young men. He added there was found a big number of pottery. Investigations proves that Middle Sican society had a very complex social organization and wide means and freedom to show roles and status dead people had during their lifes and the feelings living people had for them too.

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New Findings In Chiclayo Lambayeque – Perú

Hello World! – Very happy because lately new findings are taking place here in my hometown, actually in my “Departamento de Lambayeque”. Like yesterday, while cleaning my bedroom, listening to the radio (broadcasting from Lima, the capital) they were announcing to the whole country, a new discovery in Lambayeque: The finding of 10 skeletons of sacrificed people who belonged to the Lambayeque Culture and date back to 900 A.C. approximately.

Why is this so important? Because now there is evidence to be analyzed an determinate or get a closer view to the time when this civilization was living, 200 years after the Moche collapse. So far, it seems like these people were so severe when it came to offer sacrifices to their god,  a god thirsty for blood and hungry for bodies.

The team leaded by Peruvian Archeologist Carlos Wester La Torre got really shocked when they all saw rests of a fetus’ jaw among the ribs of a sacrificed pregnant woman. 

A month ago, it was so unbelievable to watch on the news the finding of another Moche Priest-Warrior, this time, in Ucupe (Southern Chiclayo) as a result of reseach leaded by Moche-Expert Canadian Archeologist Steve Bourget. Now we talk about The Lord of Ucupe and dispite he is not as rich as the Lord of Sipan, he’s got many golden pieces and many golden copper and copper peaces too, beautiful stylish golden copper crowns. I guess they will have to build up a site museum there in Ucupe which is actually a small town, or maybe take the body of this old Moche Priest (200 A.C.) to the new site museum built in Huaca Rajada – Sipan. Very exciting, more evidences too!

In May 2007, a team of Peruvian archeologists leaded by Luis Chero Zurita found a new tomb called “tomb 14”, at the Archeological Complex of Huaca Rajada – Sipan (Chiclayo – Peru), and it happened 10 years after the finding of the Lord of Sipan, the Moche King… But, at the same time, same month, in a nearby area, Dr. Alva, the same Peruvian Archeologist who found the Lord of Sipan was finding a very old mud-break temple (2000 B.C.) nowadays called “the temple of the captive deer” as  it was what they found there: a 4000 year-old mural about a deer trapped in a net, in very well conditions, in colors like yellow, white and black. This temple belongs to an area called Ventarron and is located on the way to Sipan. Dr Alva thinks they are in front of the real mother culture from which the old pre-incas ones were born from.

Great for Peruvian archeology and history and also for tourism in our region, in our country. You are all invited to visit Lambayeque, to visit Peru.

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