New Moche tomb is found in Huaca Rajada, Sipan

A team of archeologists discovered a tomb of a moche noble at the archeological complex of Huaca Rajada, probably a personage from the moche royal class as he presents similar characteristics to those found with Moche King “The Lord of Sipan”, the woman Priest and the man Priest.

This moche man used to be 1.65 m tall, was 30 y.o., was enveloped in a textil, spolied by humidity and time, east-oriented skull, from which the sun raises up, and west-oriented feet and was buried with fine ceramic whose tomb might have been dug around 2 thousand years ago.

As offering, there is an perfectly finished owl vesel, which highlights that at their begining, Sipan already had amzing artist quality of ceramic and metal objects. We should remember that owls represent the bird of wisdom in old cultures.

Researches are in the first layers of excavation at the funeral platform, the deepest and oldest in Huaca Rajada, where there can be seen also, gilded cooper objects. Although there is a lot to be excavated in a duty that could take up to 3 to 4 more months, problably getting to, maybe, uncover gold.

“Due to the depth of the site (11.5 m underground), ventilation and lights are being used to heat up humidity”, “Ground movements must be milimetricly calculated otherwise, we can lose evidence like rests of feathers that there could be. There are also, a porra, beads part of a bracelet and round his neck”, Director of the Sipan Archeoogical Project Luis Chero, mentioned.

He also emphasized, that due to historical richness that exists in Huaca Rajada, “there is investigation job for eight generations of archeologists”

“What we have done with Dr Walter Alva has just been to preserve archeological patrimony of Huaca Rajada for next generations, we keep reconstructing history, cultural identity of Lambayequian people” he stated.

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